Telangana NRI Forum organized blood donation camp

Riyadh – On the occasion of 77th Independence Day of India, Telangana NRI Forum (TNRIF) organized blood donation camp at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh. Chief guest, second secretary (Political & Education), Embassy of India, Riyadh Mohammed Shabbir K inaugurated the camp.

Management guru, eminent speaker, poet and former principal, Deccan College of Management, Prof. Mohammed Masood Ahmed, attended as the guest of honor. He was present at the camp till late afternoon and donated blood.

Both the guests appreciated the social and welfare activities of TNRIF. President, TNRIF Mohammed Jabbar said that the people started arriving from the early morning. More than a hundred people reached the camp till late afternoon but due to limited capacity they stopped registration before 3.00 p.m. and around 80 visitors donated blood.

TNRIF president Jabbar said they are conducting blood donation camps on days of national importance like Independence and Republic days of India since last year. He announced that they will again conduct the similar camp in next January on the occasion of Republic Day of India. He thanked the volunteers and donors for the success of this blood donation camp.

Prominent doctors Dr. Gayas Abdul Sattar and Dr. Ubaidullah Junaid also graced the blood donation camp. Office bearers of various organizations and members of the Indian steering committee visited the camp. They all appreciated and congratulated TNRIF for successfully organizing the blood donation camp.

TNRIF Volunteers Shaik Imtiaz Ahmed, Mohammed Faiz, Mohammed Shabbir, Faizan, Ahmed Younus, Abdul Mateen, Irfan Ahmed, Sajid Mirza, Mohammed Ilyas participated in arrangements.


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