Taking up pen against oppression is legacy of Sir Syed, the true journalist is his follower: Arfa Khanum Sherwani on Sir Syed Day

– Mohammed Saifuddin, Yahind News

RIYADH – Pen is mightier than sword. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan chose pen instead of weapon to raise his voice against oppression. Independent journalists are still following his legacy and raising their voice against the system. He will always remain the true leader of Indian Muslims, said Arfa Khanum Sherwani, a prominent, bold and fearless figure of Indian media, brave journalist and senior editor of The Wire.

Arfa was addressing the grand “Sir Syed Day 2022” organized by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) in Riyadh. She termed snatching away the freedom of the people as killing of democracy. Equality is the foremost condition of democracy and injustice to one section of the society is similar to injustice done with the whole nation. Arfa said that it is not possible for the political power of India to expel the largest minority of the country. But these forces are successful in demoralizing and grabbing them in mental slavery. Muslims should protect themselves from these sectarian forces.

At the time of partition, Indian Muslims found it safe and preferred to remain in Gandhi’s India rather than Jinnah’s Pakistan. It is proof of their complete faith in Indian constitution. She said that Dalits are still struggling to get their righteous status in the society. This consciousness was awakened in them by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, while the same work was done by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan for Muslims.

“The government agencies have surrendered to a particular ideology. Today, those exercising their right to freedom of speech are paying heavily. More unfortunate part is that we are imposing oppressors on ourselves by electing them.

Mrs. Sherwani said that today we are united here in terms of knowledge. Knowledge is the religion of Sir Syed, who did not take up arms but pen in the worst of circumstances. He faced hardships and difficulties to make his mission successful.

A well-known player Zafar Iqbal said in his presidential speech that sports are generally considered as a wastage of time while sports should be a part of the educational curriculum. He said that parents and educational institutions should pay sufficient attention to sports.

The program started with Qari Hasan Mansoor reciting the Holy Quran. After the opening remarks of the moderator of the event, Marghub Mohsin, President AMOUBA Abrar Hussain welcomed the attendees and urged the Alig community to remember Sir Syed and fulfill their responsibility.

Abdul Khalaq, Ms. Farhat Tasneem Rizvi and Dr. Inamul Haq Azmi also addressed the gatehring. Taqiuddin Mir read out the message of Chief Guest Naseem Ahmed, MLA (UP) who could not attend due to some unavoidable reasons.

Commemorative plaques of appreciation were presented to the Chief Guest Arifa Khanum Sherwani, Guest of Honor Zafar Iqbal and former presidents of AMOUBA.

The distinguished guests released the annual directory of AMOUBA comprising the list of Aligs residing in Riyadh. General secretary AMOUBA, Marghoob Mohsin anchored the event eloquently. Vice President Najamul Hasan delivered vote of thanks.

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