Sectarian forces working for mental slavery of Muslims: Arfa Khanum Sherwani

– Mohammed Saifuddin – Yahind News

Riyadh – Sectarian forces in India are trying to keep Muslims in chains of mental slavery, but they will never succeed in their intentions, said eminent journalist, editor of The Wire Arfa Khanum Sherwani during an interactive session with prominent NRIs in Riyadh. She was in Riyadh to participate in “Sir Syed Day 2022” on the invitation of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMOUBA) Riyadh.

Arfa Khanum further said that there should be equal opportunities for all and participation of all sects and religions in the development of a country. The welfare of the country lies in people’s welfare.

Despite all efforts of ruling authorities to influence the media, truth-based journalism can never be eradicated. Even if only three people are left speaking the truth, they will continue and carry forward their work and no power will be able to stop their voice.

Arfa Khanum Sherwani addressed the small interactive session of AMOUBA officials, selected NRIs and a few journalists organized at the residence of prominent Indian businessman and philanthropist Nadeem Tareen.

Commenting on the current state of the media in India, Arifa said that those who raise their voice against the government and authorities have to face serious difficulties. For raising the voice of truth and questioning the authority, we are even declared anti nationals. Sticking to the truth in current situations is like waging a war with a shroud on your head.

Responding to a question on independent media organizations being targeted by government agencies using new tactics day by day, she said that God has given us the ability of thinking and understanding. We will somehow find ways constitutionally to save ourselves.

About the online activities and threats of the troll army, Arfa said “we face so many problems in the real world that online threats have become habitual and no longer impacted by them. Usually while facing difficulties, an example is given of a sword hanging over the head, but for us the sword has reached our neck. Our lives are in danger and we can be arrested and put in jail any moment. Raids and inquiries by investigate agencies has now become a new norm.

Arfa Khanum Sherwani’s life mission is performing her duties without fear despite difficulties, troubles and dangers. Regarding the most difficult assignment of her twenty-two-year career, she said the ground coverage of Kashmir Assembly elections after the abrogation of Article 370 was the toughest assignment of her life.

Despite the dissuasion of family and friends, her sense of duty towards the country and the nation encouraged her and she finally decided to go there despite the closure of all means of communication in the valley. During her visit to Kashmir, she could not even contact her family for almost two weeks. The army, police and other agencies tried to stop her and encouraged her to return, but Arfa continued her ground reporting with her team. Once she was surrounded by some people considering her Godi media journalist but luckily someone from the same crowd recognized her and somehow her life was saved.

She said that despite all the efforts to suppress the media during the last eight years, the best journalism is being done on social media which has no precedent in the past. According to her, the media never got complete freedom in independent India, but it is also a fact that truth-based journalism can never be eliminated. If three truth-telling people remain in this field, true journalism will continue.

Arfa Khanum believes that true journalism by a few people is the real media, and she considers Godi media as an alternative media.

Arifa Khanum Sherwani’s most popular interviews included the one with Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, for which she even face defamation suit. She revealed that Ravi Shankar has lost that case and he withdrew the case recently.

Describing the idea of ​​Muslim’s own media as unnecessary, she said that truth-based media is the necessity of the hour, a media that represents all the oppressed people like backward classes, tribals, all minorities, women and youth.

Calling The Wire and similar platforms as a real representative platform of the Indian people, she appealed the common people to support it in all possible ways.

The second guest of the Sir Syed Day, Zafar Iqbal, former captain of the Indian hockey team, interacted about the sports facilities at Aligarh Muslim University.

President AMOUBA Riyadh, Abrar Hussain welcomed and introduced the guests, while the host of the meeting, prominent businessman Nadeem Tareen, delivered vote of thanks. Engineer Murghoob Mohsin conducted the proceedings.

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