Organized and effective zakat distribution can reduce poverty – Dr. Inamullah Falahi

Mohammed Saifuddin – Yahind News

Riyadh – Dr. Inamullah Falahi Azmi said the main spirit of zakat system is to strengthen the poor and needy in such a way that they should become financially independent and grow themselves as zakat givers from the very next year. Instead of helping many poor by little alms to each, strengthening few of them to setup or grow their business to attain financial growth and independence will lead to the eradication of poverty among the community.

While delivering keynote address on the topic “Ramadan and Social Responsibility” on the occasion of annual suhoor gathering by Bazme Urdu Toastmasters Club in Riyadh, eminent social worker and member of various social, cultural and educational organizations; Dr. Falahi stressed on the necessity to have an effective and organized system for collection and distribution of zakat in India then only poverty can be eradicated from the community. “Zakat system is very effective, and it has the solution to all our economic problems. But due to lack of organized and systematic collection and distribution of zakat, the economic problems of the community remain unsolved” he added.

He further said the prevailing trend of dividing zakat into small pieces is the main hurdle; due to which the poor does not come out from the trap of poverty despite receiving zakat for many years.

Highlighting the ethos of fasting during Ramadan, Dr. Falahi said that fasting is not just about giving up food and drink or just controlling the desires of the soul. Every act forbidden by Allah and the beloved prophet (PBUH) should be avoided in fasting. Ramadan is a month of training to control bad deeds and avoid evil desires. We should follow this pathway and lifestyle for rest of the time.

News Head, Ruby TV, Hyderabad, Dr. Mohammed Asif Ali who is currently on a visit to Saudi Arabia was felicitated on this occasion. On behalf of the club, senior members Muhammad Mubeen and Abdul Quddus Javed felicitated Asif Ali by presenting memento and traditional shawl. Dr. Inamullah Falahi Azmi was also felicitated on this occasion.

Distinguished journalist, columnist and satirist K N Wasif read out his article “self-introspection” which invited the audience to review themselves and their deeds, specially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mohammad Saifuddin gave the brief introduction of Dr. Mohammed Asif Ali. After which Dr. Asif Ali addressed the gathering and appreciated the Bazme Urdu Toastmasters Club for its wide-ranging activities.

Prominent social worker Salman Khalid felicitated Dr. Asif Ali by presenting him floral bouquet. Syed Iftikhar Hashmi anchored the event as emcee. The event was attended by representatives of various social, cultural and educational organizations, dignitaries and toastmasters’ fraternity. Dr. Saeed Mohiuddin handled capturing the event by photographing and recording the event for social media.

At the beginning Toastmaster Syed Ateeq Ahmed performed the role of sergeant at arms and delivered opening remarks. President, Bazme Urdu Toastmasters Club Mohammad Saifuddin welcomed the gathering while Syed Mubarak Hussain delivered vote of thanks.

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