Al Hasa Tamil Sangam celebrated Pongal

Al Hasa – Al Hasa Tamil Sangam (ATS) celebrated Tamilar Thirunaal “Pongal” with members from various nearby places participating enthusiastically in various competitions. To encourage the immense participation the organizers presented prizes and certificates to participants.

Dressed in traditional Tamil attires ATS members grabbed the attraction of all the guests. The event began with the boiling of rice in the most traditional manner (called Pongal), interacting with the Guests Mr. Nagaraj and Mr. Senthil Vadivel appealed to the youth to spread the greatness of the Tamil people far and wide.

Following the footsteps of Jeddah Tamil Sangam (JTS), Al Hasa Tamil Sangam (ATS) which started three years ago, this year function marked with great gusto and enthusiasm. JTS Members as well as TTS members too participated with great fervor. Tamil Diaspora in Al Hasa took part in the celebrations with great enthusiasm.

The organizers had done a wonderful job to exhibit the uniqueness of Tamil language and the greatness of the people of Tamil Nadu through their one-day program which was appreciated by one and all unanimously.

– YaHind.Com

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